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So, the other day I helped my brother splatter paint the valve cover for his car. I don’t really do cars, but I assume that this particular part does something in the way of covering valves, and looks pretty when you paint it… Although the amount of time you spend  looking at your engine is probably a fraction of the time you spend using it, apparently it’s important to look nice!

We used spoons to make this splatter effect, which i realized would not be very effective on fingernails. But since I had already decided to recreate the look on my nails, I was determined to find a way! Which, actually wasn’t too hard, because I had already seen Jen’s tutorial on ThePolishAholic. It involves a straw. And I will say that the splatter pattern turned out quite different. The spoon method was mostly droplets of various sizes with a few long thin lines, but the straw method tends to make crazier shapes and is less even (but no less cool!)

I used Sally Hansen Wet Cement  (the base) and Gunmetal (the splatter) because I wasn’t too fond of the black and white look. I love the contrast between the light creme and dark shimmer in the same color. I recently got some small pendant blanks and so I decided to see how hard it would be to make some matching earrings. It worked great.

So anyway, sorry for such a long delay in posting. Some weeks it just doesn’t happen. We’re going to be working on moving my blog soon, so stay tuned for any updates:-)


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I have been dying to do this for a long time, because I drink tea whenever have to be up early, especially on Sundays when Natal Star rehearses at 8:15, so not only do I have to be awake, my throat has to be warmed up. My travel cup has a built in silicone sleeve but it sucks, so I end up using a paper towel to guard my hand and that’s pretty pointless, right? Anyway today I was struggling with another project and I needed a success break, so I finally cracked this out!


LOL, the reason why it matches my bedroom wall so well is because this is scavenged fabric from my old bed set, which actually inspired the color of the walls. If I can catch it in photo, sometime I’ll have to post a nice big pic of my wall paint:-)


EDIT: Used it on Sunday, and discovered that not only did my hand not burn, but there’s an extra bonus- when I sipped on my tea in the middle of church, it was still hot! This is over an hour after I made it, and normally by this point it’s barely warm. I guess it is common sense, if it is keeping heat off my hand, it must be staying in the cup!

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This is a headband

I got really excited about wearing headbands this last year. Of course I had my phases growing up, but I must have had an odd shaped head because the plastic ones hurt and I always hated how cloth headbands pulled my hair up in the back and then slipped off (I also have very slippery hair.) So when my friend started lending me her headbands and I realized they didn’t send me into headache agony and looked really cute, I thought about getting some of my own. Then I looked at prices.

No matter how cute, I just can’t see spending any significant amount of money on hair accessories. Ok, I admit it, I am cheap. I’m cheap, but I’m also crafty. I get paid to be crafty. So I’m pretty proud of myself when I can use it to my advantage.

I found that the dollar section of my local giganta-store usually had some headbands. The fabrics were cheap and not exactly fashionable but they were comfy and only a dollar, so I ended up with a few. And I discovered it relatively easy to rip the fabric off. Substitute a scrap leftover from another project and suddenly I have this:

Not only is it super cute, it matches the skirt I was making!

I made a pattern for it so now I can make my own whenever I want:-)

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