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Pretty Fancy

I haven’t been doing my nails much lately, they are all broken and jankey… 😦 I did these today and felt like putting them up.


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So, the other day I helped my brother splatter paint the valve cover for his car. I don’t really do cars, but I assume that this particular part does something in the way of covering valves, and looks pretty when you paint it… Although the amount of time you spend  looking at your engine is probably a fraction of the time you spend using it, apparently it’s important to look nice!

We used spoons to make this splatter effect, which i realized would not be very effective on fingernails. But since I had already decided to recreate the look on my nails, I was determined to find a way! Which, actually wasn’t too hard, because I had already seen Jen’s tutorial on ThePolishAholic. It involves a straw. And I will say that the splatter pattern turned out quite different. The spoon method was mostly droplets of various sizes with a few long thin lines, but the straw method tends to make crazier shapes and is less even (but no less cool!)

I used Sally Hansen Wet Cement  (the base) and Gunmetal (the splatter) because I wasn’t too fond of the black and white look. I love the contrast between the light creme and dark shimmer in the same color. I recently got some small pendant blanks and so I decided to see how hard it would be to make some matching earrings. It worked great.

So anyway, sorry for such a long delay in posting. Some weeks it just doesn’t happen. We’re going to be working on moving my blog soon, so stay tuned for any updates:-)

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GlitterBomb, Baby!



WOW so much glitter! I wouldn’t wear this normally… but it’s GlitterBomb monday on PAA:-)


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Harry Potter nails

I am not going to see Harry Potter 7: part 2 tonight, because it is only in 3-d at my theatre and that makes me sick. But I am going to see part 1, because it is showing right before, so friends will be there:-) So I did my nails anyway

Pretty! I wanted to do all the horcruxes and the hallows, but my freehanding skills aren’t great. Oh well! Happy Harry Potter, everyone!

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I’m almost out of pink! I’ve only been doing Pink Wednesday for a few months now, and I think I only have one left that’s never been on the blog! So, I may stop doing it, or maybe I will feature pink nail art, I haven’t decided yet.

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New Spongey Mani

This week the nail art theme on the Polish Aholics Anonymous facebook group is sponging! I have done a few of these lately so I was excited to do another.

I used WetnWild Gray’s anatomy, Caribbean Frost, Blue Moon, and Eggplant frost,  L.A. Colors Sea Siren, and Maybelline Lime Aluminium. This one didn’t really blend as much as I like, but it still turned out ok. What I like to do is use a bunch of colors with the same finish and really blend them together, and then have an accent color sponged on, like a glitter or a foil. Lime Aluminium is a really fine glitter and it really pops off the background of all the other colors.

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So I got a few new polishes this week, WetnWild Gray’s Anatomy, Party of 5 Glitters, and a clear. The glitter and clear came in a 2 pack, and they were on sale buy one get one 1/2 off, so I got all 3 for $3 🙂

Here’s the Gray’s, two coats over black.

Also, I rearranged some furniture so that I now have more space for my polish:-) Only disadvantage is that my polish desk now faces away from my TV/computer, but since the monitor used to be on the polish desk taking up all the room, I’d say it’s an improvement anyway.

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