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I’m almost out of pink! I’ve only been doing Pink Wednesday for a few months now, and I think I only have one left that’s never been on the blog! So, I may stop doing it, or maybe I will feature pink nail art, I haven’t decided yet.


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Sinful Easy Going. Pale pale pink creme. Makes me feel like a ballerina. Wore it to Victorian Tea. No complete sentences.

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It’s Pink Wednesday again! Check out On Wednesdays We Wear Pink for more pink nails!

Today I did a my first glitter gradient mani! I used Mary Kay Exotic Magenta as a base, and layered L.A. Colors Jewel Tone over it. Jewel Tone is tiny hot pink and aqua glitter in a clear base, that ends up looking purple from a distance.


I have to admit to totally cheating on my right hand though. Since I don’t photograph it and it is so much harder to paint, sometimes I don’t even do my right hand… Most of the time I just cheat. For this mani I just did one coat of the magenta instead of two, and 2 levels of glitter instead of like 6. From far away they look the same! Do you ever do that? Or walk around with a naked right hand because you can’t be bothered?

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I have a job interview today!!!! Please send me some good thoughts, I’d really appreciate it.

I decided to wear Sinful You Just Wait for the interview, both because it is pretty neutral but still has that edgy green shimmer, and because it is Pink Wednesday, even though it is so sheer that it doesn’t really look pink on the nail.

I just hope the name of the polish doesn’t influence the outcome- I’m tired of waiting!

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This is a recreation of one of my favorite t-shirts ever:-) Not only did I get it for just $2, it was super comfy and super cute!

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It’s my first Pink Wednesday! I love the idea mostly because while I do like pink, I have a ton of pink polishes that I totally neglect, so it’s great to have a reason to try them all out!

This week’s pink:

It’s Maybelline Colorama 106- Raspberry Sorbet! Its a great berry pink shimmer. For a while 2-3 years ago, they were selling all the surplus stock of these Coloramas at the Dollar Tree in 3 packs for $1, so that’s where I snagged most of the ones I have, including this one. Its good polish, but I guess they haven’t been making it for a while now.


Reminder!! Today is the last day to vote in Swaafie’s nail art contest! Please vote for me, #12! I am so close to making it in to the top 6!

Also If you haven’t yet voted in More Nail Polish’s frankenpolish contest, you can still vote for #8 Galactic Aurora until Saturday!

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