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Ice Cream Sandwich Secrets

Had some friends over for a barbecue, and I made ice cream sandwiches for dessert! Let’s just say they were a hit:-)

Sounds pretty simple, ice cream between two cookies, but as I learned today there is definitely a way to do it wrong.

I’m not going to give you a cookie recipe, because there’s one on the back of every bag of chocolate chips! These are classic tollhouse style chocolate chip cookies, of course you can use whatever kind of cookies you want. I use a 1TBSP scoop to make the cookies, which is super easy and results in evenly sized cookies, and is also the perfect amount of ice cream to go inside the sandwiches.

So here are my tips!

1. Freeze the cookies before assembling your sandwiches. This helps keep the ice cream from getting too soft.

2. Don’t soften the ice cream too much. You want it scoopable, but not stirrable.

3. Keep the sandwiches flat until they are fully frozen together.

If you don’t do these 3 things, you will end up with my first attempt, which was finding all the ice cream melted out when I opened the freezer an hour after making the sandwiches. LOL. Nothing I couldn’t fix, and everybody loved them! Well, except for baby O… Guess he hasn’t figured out messy dessert fun quite yet:-)


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Muddy buddies or puppy chow?

To clarify, Muddy Buddies is the official name for the snack made with Chex brand cereal, whereas Puppy Chow is made with Crispex. Personally, I prefer super cheap store brand rice pockets, so guess it isn’t really muddy buddies or puppy chow, officially.

How about Muddy Puppies? LOL

So, we were having a little BBQ today, and we made a huge batch of these muddy puppies:-) Almost a whole box of cereal. And this stuff is addicting, let me tell you… Just sitting around chattin we ate like 3/4 of the bowl before the hot dogs and burgers were even done!

Here’s how you do it!

1 part butter, 2 parts peanut butter, 4 parts chocolate- Melt together

It’s super flexible, so if you are doing a little (late night snack!) use 1 Tb, a lot ( little party) 1/4 cup, and on and on.

Once your goo is all melted, stir in the cereal with a spatula. I don’t measure the cereal, I just add more until it is evenly coated in a thin layer of chocolate goo. Do this in a big bowl so theres lots of room to stir.

When coated, toss it all in a ziploc bag, a paper bag, a big tupperware, any kind of container really. Pour some powdered sugar on top and shake it up! (I don’t really measure the sugar either. If it’s still sticky, add some more sugar. If there looks like too much sugar, let it sit for a few minutes to let the sugar absorb, and then shake it again. Oh and of course close up your bag or container before you shake it!)

Then enjoy!

Here’s an example in case you are more recipe oriented: 1/4 c butter, 1/2 cup peanut butter, 1 cup chocolate chips. Around 3/4 box of pocket cereal. Around 1 cup of powdered sugar.

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Mint Chip Mani

I love doing nail art contests because they provide some inspiration and get me out of my comfort zone!

This is for Leslie’s Good Enough to Eat! contest at Nail Polish Art Addiction

She asked for something edible, so I made Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream! Yum!

The contest got TONS of entries, I am #35 out of 48, and they are so great! I would encourage you to vote for me if you are so moved, and there are also 3 secret categories that will be determined after voting. Voting closed the 28th of june and can be found here.

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Here’s this year’s Easter Dessert! Mary’s sugar cookie tart crust, cream cheese frosting, and berries! Considering how much I used to do when I was like 10, I totally slacked off, because this is all I made for Easter dinner this year. One year I made rolls from scratch that were shaped like bunnies, deviled eggs, jello eggs,  a bunny cake, and probably more… but that was before I was singing at church and going to 2 or three dinners every holiday… Not only do I feel super busy but I feel like I have to keep a lot of room in my tummy, after the 3 dinner thanksgiving that didn’t work out too well for me:-P

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Here’s a tasty

Cheesecake with graham cracker crust and chocolate ganache!

My mom was having her bible study over so I made some mini cheesecakes, thinking it would be easy to freeze the leftovers… Course they were so yummy there were no leftovers! My recipe called for 3 packages of cream cheese and I only had two so I scaled it down, and it ended up making 24 mini cheesecakes. I did 12 lemony and 12 chocolate. Next time I do this I will make the full recipe but still only 24, so the paper cups will be full all the way up.  So Tasty!

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A couple of years ago, there was a fad about making single serve chocolate cake in the microwave, in a mug. Living alone in Australia at the time, I thought it was a great idea for a snack and messed around the recipe enough so that it was much more delicious than the original recipe, and I made it pretty often. Unfortunately, I never wrote down the recipe and since I got home attempts to make it have not gone well. Ingredients are different over here I guess.

But then I discovered a really great recipe for chocolate lava cake that I easily cut down to single serving, and though it takes 15 minutes instead of 5, it really is so much worth it. Even my very best microwave cake didn’t hold a candle to this. You can make it in an oven or toaster oven, in a mini cake pan, ramekin, or oven proof bowl. Try it!!

Gather your ingredients and your mixing bowl. Here we have 2 Tbsp butter, 2 Tbsp chocolate chips, 1/4 cup powdered sugar, one egg, and 1 1/2 Tbsp flour.

Melt the chocolate and butter, then mix in the powdered sugar. Then, separate your egg. All the yolk goes in, but only half the white. An average egg white is about 2 tablespoons, so you can either eyeball the half or just measure out 1 tbs.Mix the egg in, then add the flour and stir until smooth and combined. Pour into your baking vessel.

Bake at 425degrees for 10-13 minutes. Depending on how long you cook it, it can be anywhere from super gooey deliciousness to just moist. Then enjoy! It is great right out of the bowl or pan, but if you want to be fancy, unmold it onto a plate (It helps to butter your pan if you want to do this) and top it with a scoop of ice cream, whipped cream, maybe some fruit, whatever. It’s soo good! And now, even though it’s 11:30pm, I’m off to go make my own! Yum:-)

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This year I inherited my great grandmother’s cookie cookbook. I never met the woman, but man did she have strong opinions about her cookie recipes. Several are crossed out, some with emphatic “NO”‘s written across the title. At least one has “yes, good” written across the top, and yet every ingredient has been changed in some way.

Snickerdoodles, below, is one of the “No” recipes.

I recently had a craving to make snickerdoodles, but was at first put off by the X and the no. Then I asked my mom if she knew what was wrong with the recipe, and while she didn’t know, she said she had a better recipe in her box. As she read it to me, I was reading along in the book, and what do you know, they are the exact same recipe! Oh crazy great grandma.

Anyway here are my snickerdoodles!

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